Rentrans Cargo Sp. z o.o. as the present lessor/sole operator in the port of Kołobrzeg offers services of handling and storing bulk and general cargo and grain as well in import as in export. The port can be entered by ships of the following parameters:

Length:    max. 85 m
Breadth    max. 13 m
Draft        max. 4.60 m

At Węglowe Quay we can handle the vessels upto 100m length and draft of 5,5 m

Storing facilities in the port Kołobrzeg
    - 4 roofed warehouses of total area 6470 m2
    - 40.000 m2 of paved storing yards
    - 2 grain elevators of capacity max 5900 mt of grain and fodder

The kinds of cargo handled at present in the port Kołobrzeg:

-     bulk cargo: peat, agricultural limestone, fertilizers, wood pellets,     building  aggregate, coal, fodder phosphate

-     general cargo: cargo on pallets, in big bags, granite blocks, wood     briquettes , dolomites, talc, granite cubes, steel products and semi-    finished products.

-     grain: all kinds of grain, oil seeds, ground soybean, etc.

Handling of other kinds of cargo to be earlier agreed. 

Rentrans Cargo Sp. Z o.o.
Ul. Portowa 41
78-100 Kołobrzeg

Bernadeta Ziobro
Tel. 094 7110 120 
Fax 094 7110 121

Marketing department: 
Magdalena Spieler-Janicka
Tel. 091 4257 336