From 21.11.2016 we move our branch Office in Gdynia . The new  address will be : ul. Polska 13 A, 81-339 Gdynia.

Please, find the updated  contact information in tab: "Branches"





The kinds of goods in forwarding service

* General cargo, thereof: steel products of Polish and foreign foundries in export, import and transit through Poland, paper rolls in export, transit and import, others;

* Bulk cargo: coal from Polish mines, and in import and transit, coke of different granulation from Polish coke-plants and in import and transit, aggregate in export and import, scrap in export and transit, tar pitch in transit, burr in transit, magnesite, andalusite, bauxite, ores, etc.

* Cargo in containers

* Structures and outsize cargo

* Any other cargo on the customer’s request

We perform services in the area of:

* Logistics of carriage of any types of cargo (various methods of transportation and handling over whole Poland, Europe and the world)

* Organization of transshipment of any types of cargo, in Polish ports, as well sea and river ones, at railway terminal stations, frontier crossings etc.

* Organization of river transport

* Organization of storage of goods in Polish sea ports, storage of bulk cargo in our own or leased storing yards in various localizations

* Organization of customs formalities

Any other issues connected with transport and logistics, including, but not only organization of inspection of cargo of any type (quantity, quality control, establishing weight of the cargo by draft measurement, weighing/taring railway and motor vehicle cars etc.)

Director: Dariusz Buda, tel. (+48) 91 4257304
Port Office in Szczecin: Rajmund Nowak tel. (+48) 91 4308345

Forwarding agents:

Grażyna Milewska tel. (+48) 91 4257307
Małgorzata Boruch tel. (+48) 91 4257308
Dorota Zawadzka  tel. (+48) 91 4257309
Anita Oleś tel. (+48) 91 4257310
Artur Rokoszewski tel. (+48) 91 4257313
Magdalena Spieler-Janicka tel. (+48) 91 4257336

Magdalena Tomczak (+48) 91 4257396