From 21.11.2016 we move our branch Office in Gdynia . The new  address will be : ul. Polska 13 A, 81-339 Gdynia.

Please, find the updated  contact information in tab: "Branches"





* Affreightment of bulk and general cargo, traditional and in containers for sea transport to Polish sea ports and from Polish ports to any ports of Europe, USA, Canada Africa and Asia

* Organization of carriage of cargo from ports to the final receiver

* Affreightment of cargo in inland transport to any river ports of Poland and Europe over the existing network of waterways.

* Organization of transshipments in the ports of the consigner and the consignee of the cargo

* Regular transports in the relation Szczecin/Goole as well of full cargo and part cargo lots

* Logistic service of shipments in Great Britain

* Possibility of regular full-cargo shipments from the port of North Sea to Baltic


Jolanta Pielat
tel. +48 91 4257342